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Add intensity and art to your look with this mind-blowing product. It is the Loose Pigment by Blush Face Cosmetics. This talc based product is nothing but pure pigment; it can intensify you looks and make it fierce.

With more than nine hues of intense and passionate pigment powders, you can add lots of creativity to your looks. Be it casual eye makeup or fantasy make up for Halloween or theatrical make up for a play.

This product basically enables you to add a color packed punch to any of you looks and intensify it. This can also be used to add a hint of shimmer to your eye makeup.

This product can also be combined with other products, like a clear lip gloss solution. You mix it with the liquid and achieve the desired tone to apply to your lips.

This way you can be more original and ingenious just with the help of this resourceful product: the Loose Pigment by Blush Face Cosmetics, best for fashion and make up fanatics.



Mica, titanium dioxide (may contain) iron oxides, silica, carmine, ferric ferrocyanide, acrylic polymers.


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