Deep Blue Sparkle


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Add a burst of fun to your look and make it dashing! This is the Loose Glitter by Blush Face Cosmetics and it is a perfect product to creating striking and vivid looks. Sprinkle it all over yourself and go out to the club, rocking your body glitter. Or add darker hues of it to your eye makeup and intensify your looks!

The darker hues in this product are perfect for nighttime and evening events, be it a classy dinner gala or a fun night at the club, this glitter is must have for every fashion diva!

Available is more than eight shades, this product goes well with everything, Pick a shade that’s good for you or just buy them all, we won’t mind.

This product can be applied onto the eye lids with the help of makeup adhesive. The striking and sparkling glitter will give you just the right punch on radiance and creativity to stand out in a crowd.



Mica, titanium dioxide (may contain) iron oxides, silica carmine, ferric ferrocyanide, acrylic polymers. Net wt. 35oz/ 1 gram made in USA.


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