Lavender Pink


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The Lipstick by Blush Face Cosmetics, this is a must have product for beautiful, luscious and full looking lips! Available in more than twenty shades, this range of Lipstick colors can help you with almost every look.

Give yourself a look of class and elegance with hues of deeper red that make your lips look irresistible yet without stripping you of that look of chic sophistication. Or, you can go with deeper hues and create dramatic even look that goes well with a flowing lacey gown and makes you look like a star at an evening party.

This just begins to cover it! You just can’t resist being creative with a wide palette of colors, mix and match, blend the colors or do anything you like! This product is bound to make you look hot!

This range of Lipstick colors is available in shine or matte, so you can choose whichever suits you best and have fun creating new, beautiful looks everyday! This can also be combined with the range of Lip Gloss Colors by Blush Face Cosmetics, to give you that complete look of radiant beauty!


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