Earthy Rose


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With up to twelve super funky and trendy colors of all hues, add another level of class and sophistication to your look with the help of these waterproof and automatic pencil style Lip Brushes exclusively by Blush Face Cosmetics. These matte finish Lip Brushes are just what you need to enhance your lip-do and stand out from the crowd.

The color lasts a long time without fading away and stays as intense and fresh as when first applied. The available colors include custom hues like Elegant Rose, Intense Berry, Pink Delight, Tangerine, Chestnut, Redwood and more.

The Lip Brushes from Blush Face Cosmetics will not only give you a bang for your buck but also save you the hassle of normal lip pencils or lip brushes that you have to freshen up every hour. Use them once and see the clear difference for yourself.


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