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Finding the right foundation for your skin can be a very tedious task! Well, fret no more because Blush Face Cosmetics is here!

This brand new product is The Foundation by Blush Face Cosmetics. Why damage your skin and cause yourself a trouble with all those other oil-based formulas that do nothing but taint the makeup industry.

The main problem with customary foundations is that they don’t last long and they are very oily. That makes it clog into your pores and your skin is unable to breathe, so to say. That damages the skin a lot. This amazing foundation is an oil-free, water based, liquid formula that is just the touch you need for long lasting makeup. Apply this product with the help of a foundation brush onto your skin before applying any sort of talc based products like blush or face powder.

With this product, you can achieve a look of long lasting freshness to your makeup. It will make you skin tone look completely even. And since this is completely oil-free, your skin won’t get shiny or anything like that, after a few hours.  This is just the type of product for all beauty and makeup fanatics who need a long lasting product!


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