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Eyeshadow is an incredible tool when trying to achieve a certain “look”. As women we use makeup to transform our image. Makeup allows us to take on a certain “look” one day then completely change that look the next day. With Eyeshadow you are able to take this transformation to the next level.

A high quality Matte Eyeshadow like you have here can work absolutely beautifully as a primary color when combined with a Semi Shimmer Eyeshadow. This kind of mixing and interplay between various types of eyeshadows allows for seemingly endless possibilities. With a Matte Eyeshadow you are able to achieve both a youthful, fresh, casual and light day time look or feel completely comfortable with an elegant, classy look, perfect when going out for a night on the town.

With a Semi Shimmer Eyeshadow like we have here, you can easily craft a beautiful work or casual, fresh, day time vibe. You can use this Semi Shimmer Eyeshadow all over the eyelid and blended with another shade to say “I am ready to take on the day” in a youthful, casual and positive way.

Made of only the most high quality ingredients, these eyeshadows have been carefully crafted and engineered to ensure the most ef´Čücient and long lasting effect for your makeup. Made with ingredients that are both sensitive to the skin and completely safe, even those women with the most sensitive skin can feel comfortable applying these eyeshadows day in and day out.


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