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The Eye Shadow Palette by Blush Face Cosmetics is a must have for all fashion fanatics. This palette of compressed talc based eye shadow pigments consists of five basic colors. You can mix and match with the colors and your creativity flow free with his amazing product. The colors are all hues of customary colors used in sleek makeup. You can blend the colors to create new looks everyday.

The palette comes with a handy little mirror on the inside so you can carry it along for instant makeup retouches on the go! This is a handy little kit of perfection, so to say; you can carry it along anywhere and change or freshen up your makeup anywhere.

The palette also includes an eye shadow brush with high-quality fibers that is essential for applying eye shadow with all the finesse and artistry. You can use the shades to give your eyelids just the right look, a light look during the day or a dark, intense look that defines and emboldens your eyes at an evening party.

Polish your identity! Just refine yourself with elegance and grace through the help of this hip, new product from Blush Face Cosmetics.


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